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1938 BSA M24 Gold Star
       Welcome to this site dedicated to the
   pre-war BSA M24 GOLD STAR Motorcycles.

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 1938 tank badge                                      1939 tank badge

First, may I introduce myself: George Wander, retired doctor/surgeon and long time BSA owner and enthusiast, based in East Devon in SW England.
I have been involved with BSA bikes since 1974, and pre-war BSA

motorcycles for 18 years, and I am the fortunate owner of three M24 Gold Stars, two of them original & unrestored, and one restored some years ago.

I also have a number of other BSA motorcycles, which are pictured on the other bikes page.

This website was launched in January 2010, and  is intended to be a pictorial and technical resource for owners and admirers of these wonderful machines. The site is continually being developed and improved.
I restore pre-war BSA M-series bikes, including OHV engines & gearboxes, and I am happy to take on outside work, so please contact me with your requirements. 


I occasionally have spares for sale, and I will buy any M22, 23 & M24 parts. Please contact me if you have any parts for sale, or if you are looking for pre-war parts. 
The number of surviving bikes is still growing...see the survivors page for details. I currently have listed over 100 known survivors, out of a total production of around 565 bikes.
If you own an M24 or know of one anywhere, do get in touch.

Any feedback, photos or other contributions will be more than
welcome.  Please click below for Email, or give me a call. 

On the site you will find pages detailing the history of the first Gold
Stars, technical information, a photo gallery, information on spare
parts, information about surviving M24 Gold Stars and links to
other sites of interest to BSA and vintage bike enthusiasts.

My two unrestored M24 Gold Stars

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CONTACT INFORMATION: Use Email link above, or phone me on:
 +44 (0)1392 841936 or +44 (0)7778 000383

SITE LAST UPDATED 16th December 2018

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