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13/05/2019 Another original 1939 bike was found dismantled in Germany a few months ago. The owner has reassembled the bike which is now back on the road.
Bikes/20190225_164545.jpg KM24 392
The owner of this bike has also built a very nice KM24 track bike which is in action this year and hopefully winning classic races in Germany!
Bikes/20190430_150229.jpg Bikes/20190430_150229.jpgBikes/20190430_150229.jpg
28/11/2018  I have completed my house move so back in business now. Telephone number has changed so please see new contact details at the foot of home page.

23/10/2018  1939 KM24 For Sale in Denmark. See it at

This is an original bike, older restoration, with a few incorrect parts and colour scheme. The asking price seems about right, so if you are looking for an M24 this might be worth considering. Sold in December 2018 to new owner in USA.


18/10/2018  I am moving house and relocating my garage/shed/workshop over the next 3-4 weeks, so I will not be able to respond promptly to any enquiries. Contact details remain unchanged at present. The Competition M23/24 pictured below is still for sale, the "genuine" KM24 sold for £17,800 early in September. 

26/8/2018  There is a 1939 KM24 Gold Star currently listed on Ebay: 

Described as a "genuine 1939 M24", it is not an original 1939 bike. The frame is from a 1939 KM20 De Luxe, with sidecar lugs, and the engine has the correct crankcases which have been stamped KM24 690, a number much higher than the last one (KM24 440) listed in the factory records. A small number of KM24 engines were installed in KM23 frames at the factory to provide for a sidecar, but I am not aware of any in KM20 frames.

The engine also has a 1938 type cylinder barrel, Tank badges are 1938 type, the rear stand is a WDM20 item, and mudguards are patterns.  Yes, a smart-looking bike in non-original finish, but not the genuine article. 


23/8/2018  1937 BSA M23 Empire Star For Sale. Built as an off-road competition bike but fully road legal, and fitted with a 1938 M24 alloy top end and piston. The bike is owned by a friend, and is advertised on the Car & Classic website at £9,500. For further details and photos go to:        
                                                        SOLD IN NOVEMBER 2018
Bikes/DSCF3181.JPG Bikes/DSCF3181.JPG

1937/8 Competition M23/24

 21/8/2018  New Rear number plates for 1939 KM24 now available....see For Sale & Wanted page

20/7/2018  I have a new supply of STD 82mm forged racing pistons from Ross Racing Pistons, USA.  See For Sale page.
I am also having a batch of 1939 type rear number plates made to original pattern, part No 65-6803. These will fit B- and M-series bikes and have not been available for years. There are cheap Indian-made copies around which do not fit. Photos to follow soon.

27/5/2018  Another original 1939 KM24 bike, engine KM24 392, has come to light in Germany, this one a restoration project mostly complete. The owner plans to restore it.

25/5/2018 1939 BSA M24 project FOR SALE.  I have a 90% complete 1939 KM24 Competition bike for sale as a project. Genuine matching numbers bike, Engine No KM24 132 with matching frame KM24 2**. sent to Denmark in 1939, returned to UK in 2013 with NOVA Certificate.

SOLD 10th June 2018 TO BIDDER IN USA 


click on picture for larger view
KM24 Competition project

The engine and gearbox are fully rebuilt. Missing parts include 20 inch front rim, petrol tank panel, speedo and drive.  Best offer over £15,000 by 15th June

For further information please phone (+44 7778 000383) or Email  

16/5/2018  The rebuild of engine JM24 331 was completed last month, and delivered to the owner at The Stafford Show. It will eventually be reinstalled into its original frame, and will be back on the road after many years of idleness. 

Engine JM24 331

21/2/18 I have recently returned from a trip to New Zealand and a break from all bike related activities............
 9lbrainbow.jpg   What I do in my spare time!  But back to normal now.                 
The bike mentioned below was very quickly sold for close on the asking price, so M24 prices are still on the up.
1939 M-series petrol tank for sale in Denmark..plain type without tank panel...please contact me for further details and more photos.  
SOLD May 2018                                                                                                            

10/1/2018   There is a 1938 JM24 Gold Star for sale at, asking price £27,995. This is an original matching numbers bike, in what appears to be tidy original condition, restored some years ago. If you are after a genuine M24, it is worth a look, but in my opinion the price is a bit ambitious. It was featured in "The Classic Motorcycle" magazine, June 2000 edition.



27/11/1017  A complete 1938 JM24 rolling chassis has recently joined my collection of pre-war Goldies from Denmark. This one comes with the original petrol tank with toolbox, the correct forks and the Elektron magnesium gearbox. I have a complete rebuilt JM24 engine waiting for a frame, sadly not the original engine for this frame, so another M24 will be back on the road during the next 12 months, probably in unrestored condition.

Work is proceeding slowly on engine JM24 331, and I am also restoring a 1939 Twin port KM23 Silver Star to as-new condition. So, plenty going on the shed. 

2/8/2017 Slow progress on engine JM24 330...see Tech Info page for more photos & report.

I had a ride yesterday on my friend Steve's bike, KM24 264, which is fitted with a "modern" Amal 930 (30mm) concentric carburettor. The engine runs much more smoothly than with the TT carb, particularly at low revs, with no flat spots, and it idles nicely! To be recommended for everyday riding/touring. 

TT carbs were always intended to be at their best for track and competition use at higher revs. The argument here is clearly between originality and practicality.

I am off to Switzerland next week to take part in the Seebodenalp hillclimb race at the foot of the Rigi mountain near Lucerne. 3 years ago I did it on a JM24 Goldie troubled by a misfiring magneto, this time I am riding my KM24 engine, 1959 S/A frame Goldie special. Should be fun... 

17/5/17  Successful trip to Vintage Revival at Montlhery 10 days ago, where the Brooklands Wal Handley Empire Star again performed well. Now fitted with a (non-period) 4-spring clutch and a larger engine sprocket, it goes like s**t off a shovel!



                                                                                   Photo courtesy of Colin West 

                                                    Montlhery, France May 2017 



I now have a batch of new M24 head gaskets, made to original copper/asbestos/copper sandwich pattern. see Parts for Sale page for details. 


8/3/17 Photos of the engine are now on the website. more to follow.

I have come upon a source of new reproduction alloy Oil Tank Caps for the pre-war BSA bikes, including the M24, made to a high quality in Australia. Also available are the BSA V-twin caps which have a hexagon head cast into the top of the cap. See the For sale & Wanted page for photos and further details. 


 5/3/17  Engine and frame mentioned below were successfully reunited 3 days ago. The engine is largely complete but in need of work, which I will describe, with photographs, over the next few months on the Technical information page.

21/2/17  Engine JM24 331, which has been in storage for 40 or so years in N Wales is about to be reunited with its original frame, JM24 377, which surfaced in poor condition a few months ago and has since been restored.

There are already plans to restore the bike, which was sold new in Halifax UK in 1938. I hope to rebuild the engine in my workshop, and I will post details and photos of the work on this website.

Another M24 is currently for sale in England, this one a genuine 1938 JM24 frame and rolling chassis, with an engine built on 1939 KM23 crankcases, with JM24 barrel, head and rocker box. Rear mudguard, headlamp and petrol tank are 1939 items, gearbox outer cover is pre-1937. The "Gold Star" crankcases supplied with the bike , which have been stamped with a number that looks like JM24 821, are post WW2 type, and not genuine M24.

The bike is advertised at








21/12/2016  Seasons Greetings to all M24 fans and owners, and best wishes for 2017                             

The website is now 6 years old - thanks to all who have supported me in that time.


29/9/2016  There is a set of crankcases currently for sale on eBay bearing the number JM24 175 and described as 1938. The cases are 1939 type with revised cam gears and the breather boss at the top of the drive-side crankcase, and should therefore have a 1939 KM24 number. I don't believe they are genuine.

14/09/2016  Another KM24 engine has surfaced in Germany, this one KM24 354. No frame however. My thanks to Peter at Cornucopia Enterprises for the information. Peter sells an excellent range of BSA spares - find his website at

04/08/2016  1939 KM24 Engine for sale in Canada....see For Sale & Wanted page for further details.   Sold  in Nov 2016 to a new owner in Florida USA               

 29/04/2016  Spotted at the Stafford Show last weekend - 1939 KM24 Gold Star For Sale. Nice original bike, correct factory engine & frame numbers, almost 100% correct. Asking price £23,500. View at and see photo below
This bike is now sold (Autumn 2016) and has a new home in Southern Ireland 


14/04/2016   1938 JM24 Gold Star coming up for sale in Australia on 7th May. This one is JM24 235, in frame JM24 234, a genuine original bike, despatched from the BSA factory to Melbourne, Australia on 18th Feb 1938. It has had some restoration work in the distant past, but remains in very original condition in the black and chrome livery in which it left the BSA works. It has spent its life in S.Australia, and will be sold at auction by Scammels Auctions in Adelaide, SA. The guide price is AU$ 38-45,000, around £20,000.  I have added below a link to the auction website, and a photo of the bike. 


JM24 235 For Sale in S.Australia on 7th May 2016

Scammels Auctions, Adelaide

 1/04/2016  3 weeks to the Stafford Bike Show, where I will be joining the Gold Star Owners Club on their stand in the Main Hall with Goldie JM24 102. Hope to meet up with a few M24 fans over the weekend.

 23/12/2016  New M24 Cylinder liners now in stock.....see For Sale page 

        ******Christmas Greetings to all and Best Wishes for 2016*****


15/12/2015  KM24 198 (see 27/10/15) sold for bargain price of a little over £8000.

           New finned rear brake drums/sprockets now available again...see For Sale page 

 27/10/2015  Bonhams motorcycle auctions have a '39 KM24 in their sale at Hendon UK on 10th December. This is KM24 198 in a non-original WD M20 frame, built from parts back in the 1980s. Realistic estimate is £10-14,000, an opportunity to get the M24 experience without paying the £20,000+ top dollar price of an original bike. I have no doubt it will find a buyer. 

15/10/2015 I now have available M24 engine gaskets, top quality, made in England. See my For Sale page for details.
I also have a small supply of solid copper cylinder head gaskets, precision cut in Switzerland, 1mm thick. These are an excellent replacement for the original copper/asbestos composite gasket which is no longer available. Please Email for further information. 

16/7/2015  Three more original JM24 bikes have come to my attention, one in South Wales UK, JM24 320,  another in France, JM24 388, and the third, JM24 114, in UK.  I have added these to the register of surviving machines. Only 6 weeks to the Classic TT and Isle of Man Gold Star rally. Hope to see half a dozen M24s in action there. 

 30/03/2015   This year is the 40th anniversary of the BSA Gold Star Owners Club, and 78 years since the birth of the BSA Gold Star. The club will have a large stand in the Main Hall at the Stafford International Motorcycle Show, with a spectacular display of every Gold Star model from 1938 to 1962. Don't miss it!  In late August the club's annual rally will see a gathering of at least 150 BSA Gold Stars in the Isle of Man, many of which will be in action at the Festival of Jurby, and in the VMCC closed roads Parade lap of the TT circuit. The rally will coincide with the IoM Classic TT and Manx GP races.                                                                                                                                            I will have two M24 Goldies on display at Stafford, and I will be riding the same two bikes in the Isle of Man. I have also entered two M24s in the Coupes Moto Legende classic bike festival at Dijon in France at the end of May. Meanwhile this photo shows how an M24 Gold Star should be ridden! 

1939 Gold Star flat out..thanks to Keith Bryen

 12/12/2014    There is a very nice restored 1938 JM24 currently being offered for sale by Comet Classics, Hampshire UK....asking price £29,995!  Tel: +44 (0)7540 776888   SOLD 2015

12/12/2014   3 more KM24 engines have come to light, one in USA, one in Canada, and one in the UK in its original KM23 frame as it left the factory.

02/11/2014   Finned Rear Brake Drums now sold batch will hopefully be available after April 2015                                     


15/04/2014  1939 KM23/KM24 parts wanted - see for sale wanted page

09/04/2014  New JM24 Cylinder barrels now available - made in Birmingham UK
                     See parts for sale page for more details.

21/01/2014  New 82mm forged STD PISTONS now available.
                     See parts for sale page for more details.

 30/10/2013 - Please note change of Email address to contact me.
I am now on
I have added a few more for sale and wanted ads on the "for sale
and wanted" page.
Good progress is being made with the restoration of KM24 132.
I hope to have it completed in time for the April 2014 Stafford
Show, but I am still missing one or two parts: Tank panel oil
button, chrome competition rear mudguard.
Let me know if you can help.

15/8/2013 A busy past 4 months with plenty of fine weather, so I have had little time to update the website.
KM24 132 has arrived in Devon from Denmark and is now undergoing a full restoration to showroom condition. The bike arrived semi-restored & reasonably complete (see photo below), and I hope to have it back on the road within 3 or 4 months. Post-restoration photos will be posted in due course.
All bikes are running well, and JM24 259 ran for the first time particularly well at the Coupes Moto Legende meeting at Dijon along with KM24 151.
I an presently working on a guide to buying an M24, which I hope to publish in the next few months. This will provide useful information for anyone thinking of buying a pre-war Gold Star. 
I have today updated the surviving bikes page with one or two new additions and changes of location.

New arrival from Denmark

22/03/2013 Terrible winter weather continues, so plenty of time in the workshop for a top end overhaul on 102, plus a new clutch and gearbox restoration, in readiness for Montlhery in 4 weeks.
Another 39 KM24 is on its way back to England after 75 years in Denmark, this one an original competition model with chrome mudguards and 21inch front wheel. Still in need of some restoration work, it will eventually be going to a good friend of mine, who is funding the purchase of the bike from the sale of an original Banksy print!
The Wal Handley Empire Star will also be in action at Montlhery, alongside several other bikes from the Brooklands Museum, and has temporarily been fitted with a twistgrip throttle and a front brake, in the interests of safety on the track.
I hope to have the Empire Star and JM24 102 on display on the Gold Star Owners' Club stand at the Stafford International Bike Show at the end of April.

Happy Christmas & All the best for the New Year to all BSA M24 Enthusiasts!
It has been a very wet year in the UK, so the bikes have seen little action since the summer.
Goldie JM24 102 and the Brooklands M23 will both be in action next April at the Vintage Revival meeting at Montlhery, I will again be at the Coupes Moto Legende meeting at Dijon in May, and the VMCC 1000 Bikes at Mallory Park will provide another track outing for an M24 or two, and the Brooklands M23.
I have received some nice photos of a 38 M24 recently restored in France, this one an original bike despatched to Paris in December 1937. photo below.

click on photo for full size view
JM24 128 Restoration completed in 2012

17/9/2012 The Wal Handley Empire Star is now on display at the Brooklands Museum alongside other historic Brooklands motorcycles.
To buy a copy of John Handley's biography of his uncle (see below), go to his website at where you can buy the book for £18.00 including postage.

Click for full size image
102 & Handley M23 on the Brooklands Banking. Photo courtesy of Hiro Maeda

31/7/2012 The Handley replica was completed in time for the Brooklands anniversary, and on the day successfully completed a number of  runs up the famous Brooklands Test Hill, piloted by Vintage Hill Climb champion Clint Alexander dressed in period riding gear!  See photo and report below.

20/5/2012 Wal Handley Brooklands BSA M23 Empire Star replica nearing completion!
It will be running at Brooklands on 30th June - see photo below.....

click on picture for full size view
Brooklands Replica
Click for full size view
The Empire Star at Brooklands

Saturday 30th June 2012 was the 75th anniversary of Wal Handley's 107mph Brooklands Gold Star winning lap, and the BSA Gold Star Owners Club held their annual club rally at Brooklands 75 years later to the day. On a beautiful sunny day, more than 270 BSA Gold Stars of all ages from 1938 to 1963 came together to mark the occasion, including at least a dozen pre-war M24s, which, together with the Handley Empire Star Replica, stood out amongst a sea of glittering ZBs, BBs, CBs, DB32s, DBD34s & Rocket Gold Stars. The Brooklands Test Hill was very busy all day, there were photo shoots on the famous Members Banking, to the delight of more than 2000 Goldie enthusiasts.
The day also saw the launch of a new 360 page illustrated biography of Wal Handley, entitled "None more Brave", written by his nephew John Handley, who had a busy day signing and selling copies of the book. I can highly recommend this book to any one with an interest in Handley's illustrious racing career, and pre-war motor sport in general.  You will not be disappointed!

An excellent report of the event can be found at:
There are 2 or 3 series of photos of the event on Type Brooklands Gold Star into the search box.
A further report and some excellent photos can be found in the August 2012 edition of "The Classic Motor Cycle"

21/2/2012 I will soon have available reproduction rear stands, made of structural bronze, less brittle than cast iron, and exact replicas of the1937-39 stand fitted to all BSA M-series bikes. Price is likely to be around £100 each. Let me know if you are interested

15/11/2011 I have for sale a batch of new M24 finned rear brake drums/sprockets. See spares page for photos and more information.
19/10/2011  I am looking into casting new M24 Cylinder barrels and rocker boxes, if there is sufficient demand. If you might be interested let me know.  It is too early to give any prices, but the more we make, the lower the price. More information to follow....
26/09/2011  Latest arrival in my workshop, this one from Denmark, a 1939 engine KM24 105 in a WD M20 frame, with largely original 39 cycle parts. It is fitted with the later 1949 gearbox, which will be replaced with a pre-war close ratio box, and the bike will be the basis for a fast track/race machine. 

05/06/2011 Another successful visit to the Coupes Moto Legende vintage bike track weekend  at the Dijon GP circuit in France last weekend. We took 2 M24s, & both covered around 30 high speed laps with no problems other than minor clutch slip on the 39 bike.
Another 1938 JM24 came to light in the Bonhams auction at the Stafford Show, this one a recent UK restoration, engine number JM24 357. Hammer price including buyer's premium was £14,950, the low price reflecting the fact that there was some doubt about the frame number.

29/03/2011 It's been a long winter, with many hours spent in the shed working on the '38 Goldie I bought last year in Belgium, bringing it back to factory spec.
It should be on the road within 2 weeks, and will again be on the BSA Gold Star club stand at the Stafford International Show in 4 weeks time.
One or two more bikes have been added to the survivors list in the past 2 months, and I have added some more photos in the gallery page.

23/12/2010 Happy Christmas & All the best for the New Year to all BSA M24 Enthusiasts!

08/12/2010 More than 4000 visits to the site now. Cylinder head sold for over £1200 within 48hrs!
1939 Engine numbered KM24 1948 has come to light in Denmark and was apparently provided by BSA to a Danish gentleman in 1948 with high compression piston, racing cams, racing magneto and what appears to be an alloy primary chain case. The engine number stamping differs from 1939 type, but matches the type used by BSA in 1948. I cannot verify the authenticity of the engine, but I do know that BSA supplied some pre-war type M24 engines after the war for competition use, prior to the launch of the ZB Gold Star in 1949. 
If anyone can shed any light on this engine or any other M24 engines sold after WWII, please get in touch
28/11/2010 M24 Parts for sale in Holland - See For Sale page

24/11/2010 1938 JM24 CYLINDER HEAD FOR SALE...

14/11/2010 A nice restored 1938 JM24, with matching numbers
wassold yesterday by Bonhams auctioneers in Sydney, Australia
for a healthy AU$ 26,450 including buyers premium. (GB£ 16,500).
This seems to match the present going rate for a good restored bike.
Details of the bike (lot 253) can be viewed at:

12/11/2010  A small collection of M24s in SE England has recently
come to my attention..details have been added to the survivor's 
register, plus another in Holland. I gather that there are a couple 
survivors in Japan...if you know of these please put me in touch
with their owners. 

12/10/2010  I now have a third M24 in my collection, a 1938 JM24
with correct matching numbers, originally despatched to Denmark
and now returned to England via Belgium. 
This one is an older restoration, with a few non-standard parts...
battery carrier, rear stand, silencer, headlamp and one or two more.  
I will gradually return it to original condition, and this coming
weekend (16/17 Oct) it will be on display on the Gold Star Owners
Club stand at the Stafford Classic Mechanics Show. 
I have added a photo to the gallery.

I came across JM24 194 at the Isle of Man last month.
This bike resides in the NE of England, and the owner and his wife
cover a large mileage every year including trips to Scotland and 
the Shetland Islands, and to Europe. Photos in gallery page.
Experts will note the 1939 cylinder barrel, Amal touring carburettor, later type knee grips and WM20 rear stand. 

21/08/2010 The JM24 which recently came to light in Belgium is on its way back to England, to join my collection. Further news & photos in due course.
Next week is the Manx GP...I will be joining the Gold Star Owners Club & the VMCC for a week long rally with both of my pre-war Goldies. The rally includes a track day at Jurby and a full lap of the TT Circuit on closed roads during race week. I Hope to see one or two other M24s in a line up of Gold Stars up to 90 strong. Further news & photos on my return.

11/08/2010 2,700+ visits to date. 2 more M24s have come to light,
one in Belgium, the other in Canada, both original with correct numbers. 
See survivors' page

08/07/2010 2,350+ visits to the site now!
Trip to France was very successful. Both Goldies performed well,
without problems, clocking 80mph+ down the long 1km straight.
See photos above.

06/05/2010 Over 1600 visits to the site to date. Keep them coming.
Both my M24s will be at the Coupes Moto Legende vintage bike gathering at the Dijon- Prenois GP Circuit in Burgundy, France at the end of this month, one ridden by myself, the other by old friend and recent vintage bike convert Nick Unstead, who tells me that a 39 Goldie is easier and more fun to ride than a modern 500 Enfield. Of course!

1939 M24 tank badges..see parts for sale page.  SOLD OUT, but we hope to produce a further batch if demand exists. Please let me know if you are interested.

14/04/2010 I have recently spent a few hours studying the original BSA factory despatch records for M24s held by the VMCC in their library. As a result I have updated the production numbers for 1938 and 1939. The closest estimate is a total production of 266 JM24 bikes, and 298 KM24 bikes.
I have also checked the despatch records for all the surviving M24s listed on the survivors page.  The majority of these bikes have original numbers as they left the factory, but some have been restored or built with engines & frames which were not together when first built.
I have indicated in the list of suviving bikes those engines which are still in the original frame.
Do get in touch if you are thinking of buying an M24 and want to know whether engine & frame have always been together, and the despatch destination from the BSA factory. 

21/03/2010  The photo above was sent to me by a Goldie enthusiast in NW England.
It shows a 1938 M24, GXN 611 as it was found in 1985, and purchased for £30!  It is still registered in the UK. If you own it or know more about it, please get in touch.

09/03/2010  I have had contact with a fellow M24 enthusiast in Australia, whose knowledge of these bikes surpasses mine!  He has brought to my attention quite a number of surviving bikes, of which I wasn't aware. These have now been added to the survivors page, and brings the total of known survivors to around 28 1938 JM24 bikes, and about 36 1939 KM24 bikes. 

27/02/2010 Another very nice 39 M24 has surfaced in Maryland USA..this time a beautifully restored competition model with high level exhaust. I have posted a photo in the gallery.

21/02/2010   Two more 1938 JM24 bikes have come to light, both in Australia. One in Brisbane, owned by the same family since the 1940s, the other in the National Motorcycle museum of Australia in New South Wales. There is a good photograph of this bike on the museum website at

16/02/2010  1939 KM24 sold on eBay in Nov 09 from Oklahoma USA has resurfaced in Austria and the new owner has plans to restore it.

07/02/2010 My good friend Philip in rural Somerset has recently completed the restoration of his 1938 Goldie, DYB 919, the result of which can be seen on the gallery page.
The bike is as close to 1938 showroom condition as any I know, and full credit goes to the owner for the quality of the restoration. The work took about two years, and required the remanufacture of numerous parts, often using my unrestored bike as a template. It will be back on the road as soon as weather conditions allow.

My contact details:
Georges Wander, Honiton, East Devon UK
Tel: +44 (0)1404 881421 or +44 (0)7778 000383

Email preferred - click here to send me a message