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Please let me know if you have any pre-war M series
bikes or parts for sale or wanted.
Call back regularly as I update the page.

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M24 Parts for sale:  See below for further details

1939 KM24 only...see below 

M24 82mm STD Pistons ...….SOLD OUT

M24 Engine Gaskets 

1938 M24 cylinder barrels - NEW UK made 

M24 82mm cylinder liners   

M24 Rear Brake drums  

Oil tank caps - all 37/38/39 M-series

Gearbox parts - all 37/38/39 M-series  

1939 Rear Number plates made to original pattern

1938 Oil tank mounting rubber grommets (Set of 4)


 1938 Oil tank mounting grommets - new from original pattern.  Will also fit all other 1937-8 B- & M-series bikes. BSA part Nos 66-8324 or 66-8326 

Set of 4 rubber grommets £12  - Available from Jeff Hunter (the rubber man) at  He does all sorts of rubber parts including footrest rubbers, tank kneegrips, handlebar grips etc

1937-38 oil tank mounting rubber grommets

1939 KM24 Silencer : Made by Armours using original pattern. Excellent quality chrome plating.     £120 plus postage 



New M24 pistons, made by Ross Racing Pistons, Los Angeles, USA  I have a new batch of these forged pistons available in STD 82mm size only. These will also fit M22 and M23 engines, with a small increase in compression ratio.  Now priced at £200 each including postage. 

SOLD OUT May 2020   I will try to get a new batch of these this summer.



Ross Racing piston for M24

BSA M24 HEAD GASKETS    Made to original pattern  

      £30 each plus postage


M24 Cylinder Head Gasket
M24 cylinder head gasket

BSA OIL TANK CAPS: available from Nigel Berry, in Victoria, Australia. They are made with the correct size thread and fit perfectly. M24 type is AU$75, V-Twin type AU$95, both + postage costs.

You can contact Nigel on

BSA M24 oil tank cap AU$75
BSA M24 oil tank cap
BSA V-Twin oil tank cap AU$95





New M24 cylinder liner

M24 CYLINDER LINERS: New British made liner for Standard 82mm bore piston

 £150 including world wide postage


New M24 engine gaskets
New M24 engine gaskets

M24 Gaskets  I have for sale various new gaskets for the M24 engine which have been unavailable for years. These are top quality, made in England from original patterns.
Prices:  Rocker box gaskets - 1 set of 3   £12  
             Cylinder base gasket                       £3.50
             Tappet cover gasket (JM24)        £2.50 
             Rocker box cover gasket             £3.00 
All including UK postage. Postage cost covers any number of gaskets.
Postage to Europe £1.50, Rest of the world £2.50.
Other gaskets, such as timing cover, KM24 tappet cover & the large cork primary case seal are available from UK BSA dealers. 


M24 REAR BRAKE DRUMS    correct ribbed 42T type Part No 66-6107 

UK made - £100 each including UK postage 

New JM24 cylinder barrel
New JM24 cylinder barrel

New 1938 JM24 type CYLINDER BARRELS, with small 2 screw tappet cover.
See photos above
Standard 82mm bore
Excellent quality, cast and machined in Birmingham UK
£1500 including postage



These will fit all 1939 BSA M20/21, M23 and M24, and B-series bikes. BSA Part Number 66-6803. 

UK made in mild steel using an original 1939 pattern, with correct curved top mounting plate.

Will need two 1/4in holes drilled in top mounting to suit your rear mudguard, 3 holes for Lucas stop/tail light, and paint.  

Selling at cost - £150 each plus postage  


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Rocker box for 1938 BSA M22 or M23 Empire Star

Complete or shell only 

***WANTED*** Type 14, bottom feed, 7degree float chamber for a pre-war 10TT carb, or complete 10TT36 or 10TT38 carb.  Top price paid for quality item.

Please Phone me or Email for further details

Wanted: For 1939 KM23/24 Gold Star or Silver Star
Petrol Tank instrument panel
Front & Rear wheels/hubs
Girder forks