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Please let me know if you have any pre-war M series
bikes or parts for sale or wanted.
Call back regularly as I update the page.

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M24 Cylinder Head Gasket
M24 cylinder head gasket

BSA M24 HEAD GASKETS    Made to original pattern  

                                               £30 each plus postage


BSA OIL TANK CAPS: available from Nigel Berry, in Victoria, Australia. They are made with the correct size thread and fit perfectly. M24 type is AU$75, V-Twin type AU$95, both + postage costs. Both types are listed on eBay, at:


You can contact Nigel on

BSA M24 oil tank cap AU$75
BSA M24 oil tank cap
BSA V-Twin oil tank cap AU$95





KM24 328 in 1955 BSA B33 frame

1939 KM24 engine no KM24 328 for sale in Canada in 2016 

This bike is now sold and has moved to Florida USA 

New M24 cylinder liner

M24 Cylinder Liners: New British made liner for Standard 82mm bore piston

 £150 including world wide postage


New M24 engine gaskets
New M24 engine gaskets

M24 Gaskets  I have for sale various new gaskets for the M24 engine which have been unavailable for years. These are top quality, made in England from original patterns.
Prices:  Rocker box gaskets - 1 set of 3   £11  
             Cylinder base gasket                        £3.50
             Tappet cover gasket (JM24)        £2.50 
             Rocker box cover gasket             £3.00 
All including UK postage. Postage cost covers any number of gaskets.
Postage to Europe £1.50, Rest of the world £2.50.
Other gaskets, such as timing cover, KM24 tappet cover & the large cork primary case seal are available from UK BSA dealers. 

New JM24 cylinder barrel
New JM24 cylinder barrel

New 1938 JM24 type CYLINDER BARRELS, with small 2 screw tappet cover.
See photos above
Standard 82mm bore
Excellent quality, cast and machined in Birmingham UK
£1500 including postage

click for enlarged view
Ross Racing forged M24 Piston

PISTONS:  New 82mm forged racing pistons for sale - Top quality made by Ross Racing Pistons, California USA.  

These are based on the 1938/39 standard compression M24 piston, but have a shorter skirt, and they will fit all pre-war OHV 496cc M22, M23 & M24 engines. I have STD 82mm available, complete with pin, rings & circlips. See photo above.

Price £150 including postage & insurance

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FOR SALE:     **** Now Available ****
1938-40 NEW UK made finned rear brake drum/ 42T sprocket, as fitted to all M24s, and also 1939 M23 Silver Star, and M20 & M21 Deluxe models. BSA Part No 66-6107. The studs which locate in the hub are 0.3mm oversize, to allow for wear in the hub locating holes. The holes may need light reaming for a good fit.
£120 including Postage.
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Wanted: M22,23,24 Valve Spring top collars, part No 66-274
and Exhaust valve spring seat 66-273

For Sale
  1939 KM24 Tank badges.. excellent
reproductions to original spec...see photo below...
Oct 2013 - now available again
£ 80 per pair plus postage  


Available from me or from Bob Mayow at

***WANTED*** Type 14, bottom feed, 7degree float chamber for a pre-war 10TT carb, or complete 10TT36 or 10TT38 carb.  Top price paid for quality item.

Please Phone me or Email for further details

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Wanted: For 1939 KM23/24 Gold Star or Empire Star
Petrol Tank with instrument panel
Front & Rear wheels/hubs
Girder forks